Monday, March 30, 2009

Water. Yum?

I'm sure many of you are thinking, "This is what she writes her first blog about?" I'll chalk it up to pregnancy or a new obsession, but I've found a new way to pay Coca-Cola stockholders...Dasani Essence water. More specifically, the Strawberry Kiwi flavor. The problem? It's so hard to find! I found it yesterday at the Shell station across the street, convenient huh? Well, Eric went back last night and they only had the Lime flavor. Not really a lime person. This morning on my way to work I went to two different gas stations (QT, my old faithful, and BP). No dice. This afternoon Eric went hunting for me...he managed to find it at Texaco, but I'm not sure if that was his first stop or not. This could get bloody! Hopefully when I make my next grocery run I'll get lucky.

Why do I even care about water? Because I hate water. It is so boring and it usually just makes me crave the not-so-good-for-me drink I really wanted in the first place. The fact that I found one that is making me drive to every gas station in a 15-mile radius says a lot. Hopefully this is a step towards me not hitting the 200-lb. mark with this pregnancy...

Health and State-of-Mind Update without Caffeine, Day 2
No headaches yet. I've actually had a pretty good bit of energy today, which is good and a new thing for me lately. Anyone know a "natural" trick to kicking the caffeine withdrawals? I'm really going to try not to cheat by giving in. Keyword: TRY

Update as of 10.14.09
So, I was AMAZING during my pregnancy. I drank this stuff like it was free --- which it isn't by the way. I only gained 19 lbs my whole pregnancy (which is pretty damn awesome since I gained 44 lbs with Lainey). Still not really anywhere near my pre-first baby weight, but I'm about to start working on that. I haven't been doing so good with the caffeine since I had Bree, but I'm on a mission to lose weight this baby so I'm about to go back to my waters. I'm really not sure why I steered away in the first place. . .